You make me feel special
you make me feel cherished
you make me feel adored

you make me feel seen
you make me feel known
you make me feel found

all the wishes
I did not dare to make
all the old wives’ tales
I never believed in
all the magic
I took upon myself
to explain away
there’s no mystery here,
no cosmic, karmic,
voodooistic tentacles
reaching across the stars
to link or bind things,
magnetizing fate
no Deus ex machina

it’s just you
your knowledge of timing,
your skills of painting
a landscape with different
shades of meaning,
your understanding of
the game, never mind
that you don’t really play

you should know by now I’m
only a finger’s width away
from making assumptions,
from falling
the second fall

unless you’re ready —
slow down, please